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A California Native, born and raised, self-taught by watching videos on Youtube. Working  as a Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist for 6 years, I then decided to attend Make-Up Designory in Burbank, California to futher my education in beauty and special effects. From there, I decided to attend the Cosmetology program at West Valley Occupational Center. I am now a Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of California as well as North Carolina. I have worked on numerous photo shoots, special events, as well as with many other talented make-up and special effects artists, such as: Gage Munster, Marcel Banks, Jo Holland (Face-Off Season 1), Greg Lightner (Face-Off Season 2), Kris Kobzina (Face-Off Season 4), Laney Parkhurst, also known as Laney Chantal-White (Face-Off Season 5), and Johnny Leftwich (Face-Off Season 10).

Work: 919-263-0567   |   Cell: 818-914-8742     |    Email: littleshopofhairdos@yahoo.com

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