• A light and luxurious styling cream for taming all hair types
  • Residue evaporates leaving no stickiness or heaviness
  • Adds protection before blow drying and heat styling


Dispense a medium amount, the size of a bottle top, into your hand then evenly spread the cream between both hands. Apply to wet hair from the roots and smooth down to the ends. Gently blow dry in for excellent results. Your hair will feel product-free without stickiness or heaviness.


Can be mixed with English Rose Serum to create the ultimate frizz-taming remedy.


Perfect for:


  • Smoothing hair out during a blow-dry whilst leaving the hair weightless but retaining volume
  • Curly hair - leaving it to dry naturally or defusing will create defined curls with no product residue or crunchiness/stickiness
  • Short textured hair - as a base whilst cutting, and great for drying in


Where the Electric Professional Product range all started. Mark Woolley enlisted a renowned chemist to create a product for his own use on his session shoots. It took 2 years to perfect a product which tames and smooths coarse, curly or fine hair and provides extra protection before blow drying.


The primary function is to smooth the hair out without being present on the hair afterwards, so the hair will have volume and movement without residue. Ideal for anyone with curly hair as most curl products, such as mousses, stick the curls into place and leave the hair crispy and sticky. Smoothing Cream evaporates both naturally and during a blow dry, you can actually see the steam coming off the hair when drying. Because the residue evaporates it won't weigh the hair down, ensuring control but not flatness.


It is fortified with heat protecting elements to combat the effect of thermal damage of up to 220 degrees.

ºC-2 Smoothing Cream

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