• Creates a defining hold to short or long hair styles
  • Evaporates to leave no stickiness or residue
  • Avocado oil replaces alcohol for a range of health benefits


Shake can well to release natural nutrients of the avocado oil. Dispense a golf-ball amount onto your hand and apply directly to wet hair. Blow dry or style hair into desired shape. Hair will be easily shaped and controlled into desired look.


Perfect for:


  • Creating a defining hold on both long and short hairstyles.
  • On-set and backstage use - thanks to the evaporating qualities.
  • Creating high volume looks.
  • Great holding for curly hair.


Electric Founder Mark Woolley always knew the importance of a firm holding mousse to a hairstylist working on-set and backstage. At the back of his mind though, he saw mousse as a retro product, which was often sticky and drying to the hair. This meant a mousse wasn't the first thing in mind to bring out as part of the Electric product family.

However, the ºC-6 Cloudburst formulation has been hand-crafted for over two years of developing and testing in the UK. The aim was to create a firm holding mousse that moisturises rather than dries the hair, with all the residue evaporating in the same unique way that our Smoothing Cream, Preparation Spray and Volume Liquid Mist do. To achieve this, we set out to reduce the alcohol content in both the formulation and the carrier by replacing it with a natural ingredient - avocado oil. Usually mousse contains around 80% alcohol, our formulation contains only a minuscule amount in the aerosol propellant.

Avocado oil is an all-natural, non-greasy oil with a range of health benefits. The fruit enhances the absorption of important nutrients, improves skin and scalp healing, acts as a natural sunblock through the mono-saturated fats that provides a protective layer over the scalp. Avocado oil also fights hair loss, as it contains vitamin E and B which help to strengthen and nourish hair follicles.

This mousse feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before, it is moisturising rather than sticky to the touch and is soft and light like a cloud, but will not turn to water right away.

Cloudburst features active heat protection and, as the avocado oil is combined with the Electric signature fragrance, it smells incredible.

ºC-6 Cloudburst Mousse

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