• Multi-functional: a reconstructor, cutting lotion and leave-in conditioner
  • Evens out porosity, reduces static and detangles even the driest hair
  • Makes hair 10x stronger


Spray onto damp or dry hair and comb through to distribute evenly. The hair will now be perfectly prepared for styling. When in the sun, spray liberally onto damp or dry hair to protect from UV rays. Hair will be restored, replenished and protected.

It can be cocktailed with a couple of drops of Rose Serum for tame frizzy hair. 

Electric Founder, Mark Woolley says: “This goes on EVERYBODY’S hair that I touch - girls, guys, in the salon, backstage or on-set.”


Perfect for:


  • Everybody - Mark Woolley and the Electric Art team use it on every client or model.
  • A game-changer for those with fine hair who don't like to use conditioner - Preparation Spray leaves no weighty residue on the hair.
  • Holidays - stops sun damage and colour fade.
  • A stylist can use it before a colour (unlike conditioners) - effortlessly comb their hair through it. 
  • Allows a stylist to take clean and accurate sections.


Mark Woolley used to use a prep spray, which did exactly what he needed except evaporate on the hair. After creating our ºC-2 Smoothing Cream, we realised we had a unique technology in the formula that means the product will evaporate, leaving no residue or weight. We transferred this technology into our Preparation Spray.

It allows you or a stylist to create a flawless foundation for any style. This multi-functional product acts as a leave-in strengthening and conditioning spray, and as a reconstructor and cutting lotion. The distilled water-based formula evens out porosity and detangles even the driest, most damaged hair. It is packed with nourishing oils combined with intelligent UV and heating protection ingredients.

Our best-seller amongst stylists worldwide and widely used on shoots and catwalks show to change the look without completely wetting down the hair. It leaves the hair enhanced, radiant and ready for endless creativity.

P*-4 Preparation Spray

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