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3 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Product for YOU!

Its so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there and your hair is unique to you so what may work for one person may not work for you!

1.You will need to consider how “dense” or thick your hair is. Do you have a lot or a little or in between?

  • Creams and oils are best for thicker hair types. Foams and lite “lotions” or light creams and sprays are good for finer textures! If you have (most of us do!) different thickness in different areas off the head you can cocktail products to meet the needs of all the hairs on your head!

2. Then address any concerns or areas that may need treatment or specialty products. Like color treated, thinning, scalp issues, porosity issues, damage to the hair strand, curly or coiled hair(this is the most fragile type of hair and needs special products!) etc.

  • You will need treatments to nourish and protect like densifying treatments, conditioning masks, leave-in repairs and protein treatments. Make sure you are getting good, organic healthy ingredients that are actually helping with hair growth! We’ve done the research for you here and we are knowledgeable of what ingredients do what and how to help create a custom haircare plan for you!

3. Be honest about your at home maintenance! Do you heat style your hair daily, weekly, on occasion? Do you air-dry or blow-dry? Are you a swimmer, take hot showers, go to bed with wet hair, have hard or soft water, daily washer or weekly? All of these play a factor in the type of products you would need to support this outside of the salon.

  • Look for thermal protectants, high quality hot tools, as well as the perfect shampoo and conditioner. This is crucial even if you use no products to style (which you should at least do a nourishing oil or leave-in).

At Little Shop of Hairdos, we perform thorough consults to make sure you leave with haircare that supports your style, lifestyle and color/lightning services! We are always ready to breakdown and simply the process so you can trust you will be supported even outside the spaces.

Request your own custom haircare regimen today! Call or text (919) 263-0567 hit us up on instagram! DM Us!


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