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The Hair of Your Darkest Dreams

Updated: 3 days ago

Did you dare to grow your hair out this year? With so many of us still lurking in virtual workspaces, the time seemed perfect—fewer social engagements meant you could easily hide any hair horror during a Zoom meeting. But now that you’ve made it to shoulder length, the reality might be more ghastly than glamorous. Instead of flowing locks, you’ve got a scraggly, limp mess that’s less “regal mane” and more “tangled web.”

Fear not, for salvation is near! If your hair is fine, fragile, damaged, or just doesn’t seem to grow as you hoped, we have unearthed the solution: Natural Beaded Row (NBR) Extensions. This isn’t just any ordinary remedy; it’s a supernatural fix that brings life back to your strands.

I delved into the secrets of NBR with Shaina Meck, the sorceress of extensions at Little Shop of Hairdos. Here’s the spell you need to know:

1. What Makes NBR Magical?

NBR Extensions are a wondrous creation designed to infuse thickness, volume, and length into your hair. Unlike traditional extensions, they use natural, soft, and lightweight materials that are gentle on your tresses. Shaina uses premium brands such as Bellami Hair Professional, Babe Hair, Donna Bella Hair, Aqua Hair, and Zala Hair — all made from 100% Remy human hair, free from synthetic impostors.

2. The Art of Application:

NBR Extensions come in hand-tied or machine wefts, and they work their magic without tape, heat, or glue. This means your natural hair remains untouched and unharmed, avoiding the damage that often accompanies other methods. They’re sewn in on a beaded row, creating a seamless, natural look that won’t show even when you style your hair up.

3. The Color Alchemy:

Shaina performs a meticulous color match to ensure the extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair. This customization makes the extensions look as if they’re truly part of you, enhancing your overall appearance with a flawless finish.

4. Style Freedom:

With NBR Extensions, you can flaunt an updo with confidence—whether it’s a bun, top-knot, or ponytail. The seamless design means no visible tracks, letting you enjoy your desired hairstyle without revealing any of the magic behind it. Shaina also performs the Invisible Bead technique (IBE), adding an extra layer of invisibility and comfort.

5. The Duration of Enchantment:

Expect to spend about three hours in the chair to receive your NBR Extensions. Once installed, they offer six to eight weeks of wear before needing a refresh. This makes them a perfect solution for achieving the hair of your dreams without constant upkeep.

“NBR Extensions are completely customizable. I can color match it to a client’s natural hair. Color matching really helps the hair blend well. They look more natural than most other extensions.”

Shaina Meck, NBR Specialist, Little Shop of Hairdos

So, if you’re ready to banish the bad hair days and embrace the locks you’ve always wished for, visit Shaina at Little Shop of Hairdos. She’s a master of the NBR and IBE techniques, poised to transform your tresses from tragic to truly magnificent.

Your dream hair awaits—unleash the magic! **Shaina at Little Shop of Hairdos has extensive training in the NBR Hair Extension Method as well as the IBE Extension Method and can give you the gorgeous hair you desire.


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