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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Hurricane season is brewing and we all know what that means — rain, humidity, and… (dunh dunh dunh!) … FRIZZ!

Some of us are plagued by common hair frizz, no matter the season, and some of us experience frizz particularly during Raleigh’s warm, humid months. While it’s safe to say most know how to identify frizzy hair, what do we know about what actually *causes* frizz?

Frizz basically comes down to micro-misalignments in your hair. Some strands have different textures, some strands are more damaged, and all that means your hair doesn’t lay together as one shiny, bouncy form, also known as TV hair.

So what can you do to get that perfect coiffure? Little Shop of Hairdos has some tips for you!

1) Use Frizz-Fighting Products in Your Daily Haircare Routine

Products that fight frizz work by smoothing rough hair cuticles, moisturizing dry, wiry hair, and nourishing damaged hair. The Neuma neuStyling line provides a Smoothing Créme that helps fight frizz and flyaway hair for incredibly smooth and soft style and UV protection as well as adding shine. Those with hair textures that are more difficult to manage may enjoy the neuStyling Flexible Hairspray that shapes style with touchable, all-day, humidity resistant control. Ask your Little Shop of Hairdos stylist about which products best suit your hair needs or take Neuma's quiz to see which product collection is best for you.

Click here to take Neuma's hair product quiz.

2) Consider a Hair Smoothing Treatment

There are many smoothing treatments available at our salon, including Keratin Complex smoothing treatments and Brazilian Blowouts. These treatments target frizz-control and manageability, and can last up to six months. Each treatment works in its own way to add protein back to damaged hair and seal the outer layer of your hair to create a smooth, shiny surface. Chat with your stylist about which treatment may be right for you.

3) Protect Your Hair

Yeah, you’ve heard it all before: “Use professional products! Use heat protectant!” Turns out we’ve been saying that because it helps! You invest in your hair when you visit the salon, and the best way to protect and prolong that investment is great home-care. Using heat protectant in your hair prevents damage that will undoubtedly contribute to frizz, especially over time. Additionally, professional products in general provide the right ingredients in high concentrations to nourish, replenish, and protect your hair. Drugstore shampoos are often very diluted, and may contain damaging additives. Not to mention, products purchased at the salon are guaranteed. If ever you find yourself underwhelmed with a product, you can always exchange it for something else!

Call Little Shop of Hairdos to schedule a consultation about options to tame frizz, or simply bring it up with your stylist at your next scheduled appointment!


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