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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

3 Styling Tips for Better Volume

“The higher the hair, the closer to god,” may be one of the famed Dolly Parton’s most iconic lines, and we feel you, Dolly! While we might not all be blondes, and might not all have a voice that can fill a stadium, most of us do want hair with some volume! (Okay, maybe not Dolly-level volume.) Fortunately, there are options when it comes to creating volume in your hair.

Use a volumizing product

Volumizing products come in many shapes and sizes but all have one key focus: root lift and body. The first step to creating volume starts with shampoo and conditioner. Choosing a shampoo and conditioner that encourage volume is critical to reaching that (mini?) bouffant. A stylist’s frequent choice for the next step is a volumizing mousse, like the neuStyling Mousse or the neuVolume Styling Spray. Each product is designed to create volume, thicken hair, and enhance the hair’s body with flexible hold. Those with finer hair who tend to struggle creating and maintaining volume will benefit from products made specifically for fine hair with lightweight formulas. Neuma's neuStyling Mousse provides long-lasting style support, body and control (one our stylists’ consistent faves!). This product offers a root lift along with added control, body, and shine. Another great pick for those with fine hair comes from the Neuma's Volume line, which is also aimed toward clients with fine or thinning hair. Similar to the Neuma Moisture line, they both provide nutrients and ingredients to fortify, and moisturize the hair, while remaining light-weight.

Create volume at the root

To make the most of the volumizing products you’ve used, follow up with a blow-dry that encourages lift at the root. One great trick is to start blow-drying your hair in the opposite direction you intend it to lay in the end. Shaping the hair up and toward the face through the crown will set the roots forward, which will create lift as the hair itself falls over to the back. A critical component to long-lasting volume is to use hot AND cold air in your blow dry. Use the hot air while shaping the hair, and set the shape with a few seconds using the cold shot button (that’s what that’s for!).

Tease and Tousle

Once you’ve finished blow drying your hair, a bit of a lightweight, flexible hairspray or a nice texturizing spray will help give you that romantic, tousled volume; go heavy on the hairspray and throw in some teasing if you’re going big, Dolly-style! For an effortless look, throw in a few waves with a curling iron or wand, and spray Neuma’s neuStyling Flexible Hairspray while shaking your hand through your hair to open and separate it as you apply the product. Neuma also has a neuStyling Texturizer and just released its new neyStyling Air-Dry Shaper as well, which may be used to create buildable volume and add a dash of shine.

For help choosing which volumizing products are best-suited for your hair, or a quick tutorial on how to get the most volume from your locks, book an appointment with your Little Shop of Hairdos stylist today! Our Raleigh stylists are happy to share tips and tricks to bring your style to the next level. No one will ever be Dolly … but we can try.

You can also take Neuma's product quiz here to see which products best suit your needs.

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