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You’ve been hearing it for years – ”Don’t wash your hair every day” – and for good reason! Believe it or not, the natural oils produced by your scalp are, shockingly, actually good for your hair! You don’t need to wash every day to have healthy hair. This is obviously good news for all of us who just find the whole process exhausting or really just want a few extra ZZZ’s in the morning! Now that you’ve given yourself permission, how do you make second-day hair actually look good?

1) Prep for Success

It’s the end of day one, and you had a great hair day–how do you ensure your style will be workable tomorrow? A great way to preserve curls or waves is to twirl your hair into a loose bun at the top of your head. Be sure to use a scrunchie or other tie that won’t create extra crimps in your hair. Braids are a great choice as well; it’s a super easy way to get some extra movement and texture in your hair when brushed out for day two.

2) Clean up with Dry Shampoo

On day two, brush your hair to distribute your natural oils and disguise any lingering traces of oil with a quality dry shampoo, like J Beverly Hills’ Clean Dry Shampoo OR Style Refresher Dry Shampoo. The Clean Dry Shampoo cleanses hair by absorbing excess oil, dirt and product build-up. Its ultra-light formula enhanced with tea tree, rosemary leaf extract and lavender extract works by removing odors and leaving hair soft and manageable between shampoos. Suitable for normal and colour-treated hair. The Style Refresher Dry Shampoo is formulated with rice starch, rosemary and tea tree extracts to instantly absorb oil and cleanse the scalp while adding volume and body.

3) Restyle/Revive

In lieu of a full heat re-style, select only those pieces that stand out for a quick heat touch-up. If you added a heat protectant to your hair after washing, you’re still protected, so no need to top up. Add in a bit of teasing or a few spritzes of the Neuma neuStyling Texturizer for easy-to-restyle definition and texture. If your hair is curly or wavy, try the neuVolume Surf Lotion for added texture and movement to hair. It helps create a soft, voluminous, beach-inspired style.

4) Get Creative

Days two and three (and four if you can hack it!) are great for experimenting with alternate hairstyles. Try pulling up half of your hair, creating an over-the-shoulder braid, or a quick tousled bun. Take advantage of the extra oil and product in your hair. Most people find that a little bit more texture or “grit” in the hair is actually really helpful when styling the hair in more creative ways!

Each head of hair is different, so be willing to experiment to discover which tips and tricks work best for you. You’ll be turning heads with that second-day hair in no time! Chat with your Little Shop of Hairdos stylist about products and styles that will help you get the most out of your hair, and most importantly, keep it healthy!

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