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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

A keratin treatment is often referred to as Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Complex Treatment. They are chemical treatments that keep the hair straight for up to six months. Whoa! It’s an excellent choice for people who can’t seem to deal with bed-head issues and those struggling with excessively dry hair.

However, it’s still a chemical process that can cause specific side effects, so you may want to learn more about it before going to a salon.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

During the keratin treatment process, hairstylists use potent chemicals to coat the hair with keratin. Essentially, the outer layer is sealed with protein, sealing the moisture in the hair’s cuticle. The keratin layer is then activated with a flat iron. Depending on the ingredients that comprise the keratin formula, the effects could last up to six months, but it’s far more common to last about three to four. Your Little Shop of Hairdos stylist will help provide more firm estimates upon consultation.

“Fake” Hair Growth?

After the keratin layer loses its potency, don’t be surprised if your hair doesn’t look as long as it did in the previous months. One of the primary purposes of this treatment is to get rid of the frizz and relax up to 70% of your natural curl to keep the hair straight and moisturized; after a while, it will revert to its normal state, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s any shorter.

Ideal for Bed Head Problems

If you’re a restless sleeper or traveling a lot, the keratin treatment could help you keep your hair looking good for extended periods. Additionally, any haircut that you may have had will last longer and be far more manageable.

Beware: Some Keratin Mixtures Contain Formaldehyde

Although most modern hair salons know better than to use cheap keratin products, there is a chance that the mixture contains formaldehyde – a toxic compound that could lead to hair loss. Although even then, it’s in small concentrations, formaldehyde could irritate your eyes, throat, skin, and nose; in such a case, tell the hairstylist to stop the procedure immediately. Hint: you won’t have to worry about that at Little Shop of Hairdos!

Do You Need a Keratin Treatment?

There are several cases in which a keratin treatment is warranted. For instance, people with strong curls that can’t straighten their hair with flat ironing techniques pretty much don’t have an alternate option. Additionally, people that frequently color or bleach their hair have made it too dry. The keratin treatment provides the much-needed moisture that could be perceived as damage control somehow.

If you’re looking for more information about keratin treatments, give Little Shop of Hairdos a shout!


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