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We LOVE our clients!

Clients are looking for an experience not just the service itself and we loved getting tips on how to make that better for each guest each time!

First we focus on us as individuals, asking ourselves are we using our skills and expertise to the best of our ability? So breaking down education skills and communication skills to best serve our guests all the way around. We also take a look in the mirror to see how we are holding ourselves back with self doubt or lack of confidence which can sabotage our efforts to deliver amazing care.

Then we know our guests are reaching out to us because we are a unique cruelty-free salon focused on using all natural products to achieve high end luxurious results coupled with a fun alternative, inclusive safer space environment where all are welcome!

Now, we just need to consistently ASK our guests to return, set them up with amazing products that we believe actually help nourish your hair and scalp and uniquely support your color to last longer, not forgetting to pamper them when here with our amenities like wine any time as you melt from the shampoo massage.

We are confident our salon is what you are missing in your self care habits and we can’t wait to obsess over you more with this refocused mastermind! Book Today!


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