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Hairstyles and the perception of aesthetics have changed throughout history. While vintage curls and buzz cuts may have been most prominent in the ‘70s, some hairstyles can be considered timeless.

In fact, many haircuts that were incredibly rare in the 2000s onward are making a comeback, such as the famous Slick Back, or Side Parting, for example. Today, we will take a look at four classic hair looks that can’t go wrong, regardless of the occasion, starting with:


It can be argued that The Quiff has become somewhat of a standard for both men and women. Embodying elegance, professionalism, and leaving the face open, the Quiff hair look is warm and friendly, but it also leaves enough room for individuality.

Another reason why this iconic hairstyle has remained popular for decades is that it suits all genders perfectly. Its simplicity lends itself well to people wearing makeup or glasses, but it also sits well on people with strong jawlines and cheekbones.


Celebrities, influencers, and professionals wear slick-back hairstyles to showcase dominant facial features. This is a unisex look that can be easily tailored to any individual’s liking. Its smoothness compensates for a slightly longer preparation time, and it’s perfectly suited for any event, be it casual or professional.


Curls may be slightly harder to develop and maintain, but that is not necessarily the case with the Short Curls hairstyle. If you’ve visited a salon and just got your hair done, you won’t have to fear wind, rain, or ’bad hair days’ in general, as this is one of the most persistent hairstyles that requires very little maintenance.

The main reason why this classic hair look has been popular for centuries is that it can be worn by professionals at business meetings, college students at parties, and moms on a trip to the grocery store, as well as anyone in between.


The Blunt Cut is perfect for men and women who do not want to hide their beautiful facial lines, as it heavily accentuates every feature on the person’s face. Although it’s primarily favored by people with shorter hair, cutting your long hair into Blunt Cut will make you more approachable and ready for any event.

Are you looking for a classic look that suits your needs? Drop by Little Shop of Hairdos today and our experts will help you find your next stylish statement.

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