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**Prices are starting prices ONLY and are subject to change without notice**

If you are looking to book a haircut only, it includes: a shampoo, condition, and a scalp massage (if you do not want a scalp massage, please let us know), wet cut, blow dry, style, and a dry detail cut to finish. We will your cleansing and styling routine, products, as well as the health of your scalp and hair. We will make sure you leave with your hair completely dry and styled on your first appointment so that we can see the shape created by the haircut. Once you feel confident with the process, you are welcome to leave with damp hair if you prefer.


When we cut hair we assess: face shape, hair texture, and how you plan to style it day to day. Though a haircut won't change your texture (for example: if your hair is curly, it won't make it straight and if your hair is straight, it won't make it curly), it can enhance the texture that is already there, and it should always enhance your facial features.


Curly Haircuts: Hair will likely be cut both wet and dry. If you are a first time client, please arrive with your hair styled as you normally wear it. This will allow us to assess what you love or hate about your texture and the shape of your previous haircut.


All first time haircut appointments will be $115 to account for extra consultation time. Once your hair is cut off, it cannot be replaced so that is why extra time will be added for a consultation for all new clients (if only we could grow hair out as fast as we cut it off)! We will discuss your hair goals, previous hair challenges, as well as the best techniques and products to style your hair with.

What We

Bang Trim - $20

Welcome, brave souls, to the realm of hair enchantment, where even the most mischievous bangs are tamed! Behold, the spellbinding bang trim, a mystical ritual that brings harmony to your forehead fringe.


Our skilled stylists, with their supernatural precision, will wield their scissors like magic wands, snipping away any rebellious strands that dare to defy your style. Whether you seek a bewitchingly cute and flirty look or a hauntingly edgy and bold vibe, our stylists will channel their hair sorcery to grant your wishes. Watch in awe as your bangs transform into the perfect frame for your beautiful face, ready to cast a spell on all who behold their captivating charm.


Unleash the power of the bang trim and embrace the enchantment of a hair makeover that will leave you spellbound! Muahahaha!

Short Haircut - $60
(Pixie to  Chin Length)

Welcome to the realm of hair enchantment, where short haircuts take on a hauntingly delightful twist! Prepare to be captivated by the spellbinding magic of the pixie to chin-length cut.


Our stylists, with their supernatural precision, wield their scissors like wicked blades, transforming your locks into a bewitchingly short masterpiece. Like a mischievous spirit, this cut liberates your hair, setting it free to dance with the wind. Embrace the eerie allure of a short haircut and unleash your inner enchantress.


From a daringly rebellious pixie to a mysteriously chic chin-length bob, let your hair become a hauntingly beautiful statement that will leave others under your spell! Muahahaha!

Long Haircut -$79

Enter the haunted realm of long hair, where tresses flow like ghostly apparitions, cascading to collarbone length or beyond!


Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting allure of this hauntingly beautiful style. Like a haunted forest, long locks create an aura of mystery and elegance as they sway with an otherworldly grace. Embrace the spine-chilling excitement of a long haircut that allows you to channel your inner sorceress. From luscious mermaid waves that evoke tales of sirens to sleek, hauntingly straight strands that exude power, long hair is your supernatural accessory.


Get ready to bewitch onlookers and cast a spell of beauty with your long, ethereal mane. Let your hair become a hauntingly beautiful statement that will leave others under your enchanting gaze! Muahahaha!

Kids Haircut - $50
(Under 12 Years Old)

Welcome to our hair-raising world of kids' haircuts, where spooky fun and magical transformations await! Bring your little monsters and witches for an unforgettable experience that will leave them squealing with delight.


Our talented stylists possess supernatural skills, turning ordinary hair into frightfully fabulous creations. From ghostly pixie cuts to vampire-inspired bobs, we have the perfect spooky style to unleash your child's inner monster. With each snip of the scissors, their hair takes on a life of its own, transforming into a wickedly cool masterpiece. Watch as their faces light up with ghoulish glee, ready to haunt the streets with their hair-raisingly awesome look.


Join us in this hair-raising adventure, where kids' haircuts become a spine-chilling celebration of fun and fright! Mwahaha!

Undercut Design - $20
(Add-On Service)

Calling all fearless souls! Take your haircut or undercut to spine-tingling heights with our spook-tacular add-on service: the mesmerizing undercut design.


Let our hair alchemists weave their enchanting spells as they carve hauntingly intricate patterns and symbols into your hair. Unleash your inner creature of the night and embrace the dark side with skull motifs, spiderwebs, or ghostly figures etched into your undercut. This chillingly cool addition will transform your look into a hair-raising masterpiece that is sure to turn heads and send shivers down spines. Step into our realm of spooky fun and let your hair become an eerie canvas of self-expression.


Join us on this hair-raising adventure and let your style shine with a mesmerizing undercut design. Mwahaha!

Clipper Cut - $40
(Barber Length)

Enter the realm of hair horror, where the clipper cut reigns supreme! Brace yourself, brave souls, for a chilling transformation that will send shivers down your spine. With the precision of a mad scientist, our skilled stylists wield their clippers to create a hauntingly perfect length all over your head.


This ghoulishly versatile cut can be tailored to your desired level of spookiness, from a daringly short buzz that screams "bold and fearless" to a mysteriously long crew cut that exudes an air of enigma. It's like a spellbinding makeover for your hair, unleashing a dark and mesmerizing look that will make heads turn (and maybe even scream!).


So, venture forth, dear adventurers, and embrace the eerie allure of the clipper cut – if you dare! Mwahahaha!

Medium Haircut - $70
(Chin Length to Collarbone)

Step into the realm of hair sorcery, where the medium haircut awaits to cast its enchanting spell upon you!


Our stylists, with their supernatural prowess, harness their scissors like mystical wands, conjuring a bewitching length that falls between the chin and collarbone. Like a ghostly whisper, this cut adds a touch of mystique to your mane, framing your face with an ethereal elegance. Whether you desire a hauntingly romantic lob or a chillingly sophisticated bob, our stylists will weave their magic to create a mesmerizing look that will send shivers down spines.


Embrace the spooky fun of a medium haircut and let your hair become a spellbinding accessory that will leave others bewitched in its wake! Mwahaha!

Donation/Transformation - $95
(6+ Inches Off)

Step into the realm of hair magic, where donations and transformations take on a spooky fun twist!


Prepare to embark on a hair-raising journey, where your tresses become instruments of enchantment. With each snip of the scissors, a spell is cast, transforming your locks into a bewitching gift. Like a potion of generosity, your donated hair becomes a lifeline for those in need, bringing hope and empowerment. Witness as your hair takes on a new life, metamorphosing into wigs for supernatural warriors battling their own hair-raising challenges. Embrace the eerie joy of a donation haircut, knowing that your selfless act will bring smiles and strength to others.


So, conjure up your courage and let your hair become a catalyst for magical transformations. Together, we can weave a spell of spooky fun and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Mwahaha!

Undercut - $30

Step into the shadows, where hair rebellion meets spooky fun, with our bewitching undercut experience. Unleash your inner dark side and embrace the hair-raising transformation that awaits.


Our expert stylists, masters of the mysterious art of undercuts, will carve eerie designs into your mane, revealing a hidden world beneath. Like a secret spell, the undercut adds an element of enchantment to your look, giving you an edgy and daring edge. With each stroke of the razor, your hair becomes a canvas for supernatural creativity, allowing you to embrace your rebellious spirit. Dare to venture into the realm of undercuts, where darkness meets style, and watch as heads turn in awe and admiration.


So, join us in this hair-raising journey and let your undercut become a hauntingly cool statement of individuality. Mwahaha

Shaina is the best! She makes you feel comfortable from the minute you contact her and when you come in for your consultation. She listens really well and gives great advice and then when it comes time to the hair appointment you feel like it's been no time at all even if you've been there for 5 hours! She is super down to earth and treats clients like old friends.I haven't had a true stylist since I lived in Florida 6 years ago and now I think I've definitely found the stylist. When I came in I really hadn't done anything with my hair and almost 2 years. I sent photos back and forth with her before the appointment and she got my hair exactly how I didn't know I wanted it! it worked with all my parameters and is growing out looking really good! I cannot wait to experiment with it more under her guidance!

Meagan Bartee

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