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Keratin Treatments


**Prices are starting prices ONLY and are subject to change without notice**

Smooth your hair and reduce the frizz. This service only minimally reduces your curls, however, they CAN relax your curl up to 70% although this is not guaranteed. These treatments coat the hair to assist in manageability while reducing heat and friction damage from constantly flat ironing your hair. Prices vary based on the amount of hair you have - length, density, thickness, etc. An in person consultation is highly recommended for all new keratin treatment clients. Brazilian Blowouts last anywhere from three to four months, possibly longer depending on how often you wash your hair and proper at home maintenance. Keratin Complex Treatments last up to five months with proper at home maintenance.


**Purchase Neuma Beauty hair products at the salon the day of your Keratin Treatment and receive 20% OFF of your product purchase.**

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex hair products are also available to pre-order.

What We

Brazilian Blowout - $300+

Welcome to our haunted salon, where we invite you to experience the otherworldly wonders of our Brazilian Blowout.


Step into the realm of hair enchantment as our spectral stylists weave their dark magic on your tresses. Watch in awe as the eerie mist of our special potion envelops your hair, transforming it into a supernatural force of sleekness and shine. Under the haunting glow of our salon lights, surrender to the spectral sensation as your locks become supernaturally straight and frizz-free. Embrace the ghostly allure of the Brazilian Blowout and let your hair become a mesmerizing testament to its newfound otherworldly beauty.


Join us on this hair-raising journey and prepare to be spellbound by the spectral sorcery that awaits you. Mwahaha!

Keratin Complex - $300+

Step into our haunted salon and prepare to be mesmerized by the supernatural powers of our Keratin Complex Treatment.


Let our spectral stylists weave their magic on your tresses, transforming them into a hauntingly smooth and frizz-free masterpiece. Under the eerie glow of our salon lights, feel the spectral sensation as your hair becomes infused with the spectral essence of keratin, making it stronger and more resilient than ever before. Surrender to the ghostly allure of the Keratin Complex Treatment and watch as your locks become a bewitching testament to their newfound spectral beauty.


Join us on this hair-raising adventure and prepare to be spellbound by the supernatural transformation that awaits you. Mwahaha!

I am not one that typically goes and gets my hair professionally done. However, after visiting Shaina, I will never go to anyone else. Both times she did my hair, she did an amazing job. She explained everything to me and really understood what it was I wanted. I had so many compliments on my hair both times I got it done by her. I feel so good afterwards. She creates a great environment. She's hardworking and is honest about how to achieve certain colors or looks. I highly recommend Shaina if you are looking for someone who really listens to what you want and makes it come to life.

Tarah Lindsay

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