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Special OccasionS


If you are looking for special occasion styling for weddings, birthdays, prom, or whatever you are celebrating - you have come to the right place! 

From soft bridal beauty to gore and glam, let Little Shop of Hairdos LLC enhance your natural beauty or bring out your inner spooky side. Raleigh's most creative make up artists glam you up for your next Halloween party or create an ethereal look for a photoshoot. We do special effects make up work with or without prosthetics, skull make up (Day of the Dead or just a good, scary skull), fairy and mermaid make up. We also offer airbrush make up for a long lasting look. Although we ourselves do not cosplay, we do love the art of cosplay and would be more than happy to assist you with comicon or onset cinematic looks.

*Sanitation is a top priority in all of our beauty services, but especially for make up. Pink eye, herpes, and other bacterial and viral infections can be transmitted via dirty brushes or make up. All brushes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use. Cream and liquid make up will be deported. Disposable wands for mascara and liquid lip products will be used. Please let us know if you have any skin sensitivities.

What We

Blow Dry & Style - $80

Step into our haunted salon and prepare to be entranced by the ghostly powers of our Blow Dry & Style service.


Our spectral stylists will work their supernatural magic, transforming your hair into a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece. Under the flickering candlelight, feel the spectral sensation as our ghostly hands tame your locks, creating voluminous waves or sleek and straight strands that will leave you spellbound. As the eerie winds blow through our salon, watch as your hair comes alive with a bewitching glow.


Join us on this hair-raising adventure and let us unleash the ghostly charm that will leave you hauntingly fabulous. Mwahaha!

Make-Up Application - $110+

Welcome to our haunted salon, where makeup transformations take on an otherworldly twist.


Step into our spectral realm and let our ghostly artists work their magic, creating a bewitching makeup look that will leave you feeling supernatural. From smoky eyes that smolder like a witch's cauldron to lips as dark as the midnight hour, our makeup application will unleash your inner enchantress. Watch as our spectral brushes dance across your face, applying ethereal shades that enhance your features with a hauntingly beautiful glow.


Join us on this spectral journey and let your makeup become a spellbinding expression of your ghostly allure. Mwahaha!

Halloween Make-Up - $275+
(3D Special Effects - Prosthetics)

Welcome to our haunted laboratory of Halloween transformations, where we specialize in 3D special effects makeup that will bring your wildest nightmares to life.


Our ghostly artists possess the supernatural skills to create spine-chilling looks using prosthetics that will make you the star of any haunted gathering. From grotesque zombies to monstrous creatures, our 3D Halloween makeup will have jaws dropping and hearts racing. Watch as our spectral hands sculpt and apply realistic prosthetics, turning you into a horrifyingly realistic embodiment of your darkest fantasies.


Join us on this macabre journey and let our special effects makeup unleash your inner monster, leaving a lasting impression that will haunt your guests' dreams. Mwahaha!

Updo - $100+

Step into our haunted salon, where we specialize in creating hair enchantments for special occasions.


Get ready to be spellbound by our ghostly stylists as they craft magical updos and mesmerizing half up half down hairstyles. Whether you're attending a haunted masquerade or a spooky soirée, our spectral experts will transform your tresses into a bewitching masterpiece. Watch as intricate braids intertwine with mysterious twists, creating an updo that defies gravity or a half up half down look that balances elegance with a touch of dark allure. With every flick of our spectral brushes, your hair becomes an enchanted spell, captivating all who dare to gaze upon it.


Join us on this hauntingly fabulous journey and let your hair become a bewitching accessory that completes your eerie elegance. Mwahaha!

Halloween Make-Up - $200
(2D ONLY - No Prosthetics)

Welcome to our haunted makeup sanctuary, where we invite you to delve into the eerie world of Halloween transformations.


Our ghostly artists specialize in creating spine-chilling makeup looks, using only their spectral brushes and a touch of supernatural magic. From wicked witches to ghoulish zombies, our 2D Halloween makeup will bring your spine-tingling fantasies to life. Watch in awe as our spectral brushes create intricate designs, turning your face into a canvas of frightful art. With our bewitching colors and haunting techniques, you'll become a creature of the night, ready to haunt the Halloween festivities.


Join us on this ghostly adventure and let your imagination run wild as we paint your face with spooky fun. Mwahaha!

All Day On-Set Make-Up - $1000
(Day Rate for 8 Hours - $250/hour additional)

Step into the shadows of our bewitching on-set makeup experience, where we offer all-day transformations that will keep you spellbound from dawn till dusk.


Our ghostly artists possess supernatural skills to create flawless and long-lasting makeup that will withstand the darkest of movie sets. With our all-day package, you'll have our spectral team by your side for a hair-raising 8 hours, ensuring your look stays ghoulishly glamorous. From haunted vampires to mysterious witches, we'll work our spectral magic to bring your character to life. And should you desire even more time in our clutches, our additional hour rate of $250 will keep the enchantment going.

Join us on this thrilling journey and let our on-set makeup transport you to a world where spookiness meets stunning beauty. Mwahaha!

Shaina made my hair look incredible!! I've had my hair done professionally for years and I like it, but no one could get quite the vibrant red I was looking for. After visiting Little Shop of Hairdos, I have the hair I always dreamed of!! And to top it all off, Shaina is so much fun to hang out with! I'm so excited I found this hidden gem in Raleigh!

Jewelyn Fregoe

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