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Healthy Summer Hair For Swimmers & Sunlovers

It’s official… Summer is here!! We’re ready… are YOU? Well let's be honest, we are only ready because that means that Fall and Spooky season are right around the corner, but enough about that. There are so many fun things to do … beach days, pool parties, swim team, picnics, etc! YOU may be ready, but is your hair?

Did you know that the sun’s UV rays, pool and ocean water can leave toxins in your hair? Toxins like chlorine, bromine, copper oh my! Lime and sea salt too. These toxins are nasty. They actually strip the moisture out of your hair making it a dry, tangled mess. For those of you with blonde hair, does your hair ever turn green in the summer? That green color is copper build-up and algae. It’s true! You’ve worked hard to get healthy, vibrant and manageable hair. Don’t let the sun, surf and pool take that all away! Get a Malibu C Swimmer Wellness Kit!

The Malibu C Swimmer Wellness Kit will be your best friend this summer. The kit is a 3-part system that includes full-size shampoo, full-size conditioner and 4 individual treatment packets. All things that you can do at home. This kit ads strength, nourishes and protects hair. It has natural UV-inhibitors that will help keep your color and shine. Even better, Malibu C Swimmer Wellness products are sulfate, gluten and paraben free and safe for all hair types.

The Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit is a powerhouse! It works to prevent damage and discoloration to your hair, and it also repairs damage and discoloration to your hair. Since it’s early in the season, start using the kit now, before damage can even start! You’ll be ahead of the Summer, healthy hair game!


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