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Are wedding bells jingling in your ears? Between the dress, catering, cake, decorations and guest lists, you’ll also need to figure out your hair. So much to do, and such little time!

A bridal hair trial is a critical part of the wedding planning process. It gives the bride and her stylist a chance to discuss the desired look for the big day, and try out different styles and products to find the perfect combination. Trials also give the stylist an opportunity to get to know the bride’s hair, and create a custom plan for ensuring it looks its best on the big day.

Little Shop of Hairdos offers bridal hair styling, make-up, and trials, so that’s one less thing to worry about. But what does it entail?

During a bridal hair trial, the stylist will start by discussing the bride’s vision for her wedding day look. They’ll ask about the style of the dress, the overall theme of the wedding, and any specific ideas the bride has for her hair. From there, they’ll work together to come up with a few different options to try out. The stylist will then wash and style the bride’s hair according to each of these options, giving the bride a chance to see how each one looks and feels. Our updo and formal hair specialists live for this, so rest assured we’ll provide an assortment of beautiful choices. At the end of the trial, the bride and stylist will discuss which style or styles she likes best and make plans for recreating it on the big day.

Bridal hair trials are typically scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks before the wedding, but it’s not uncommon for this to be done months ahead of time. This gives the stylist enough time to make any necessary adjustments based on the trial, and ensures that the bride’s hair is in its best condition for her big day.

When wedding day arrives, we’ll be there to help bring that vision to life. Worry not; we’ll bring the hairspray and bobby pins.

To schedule a bridal hair trial, contact Little Shop of Hairdos today and be sure to mention that you’re interested in trying out different styles for your wedding day.


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