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Apple Pay & Google Pay

Little Shop of Hairdos offers Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Android Pay® for clients to utilize their saved wallet information to quickly complete their online and in salon transactions.

Where Can I Use Apple Pay and Google Pay

Where can I use apple pay® and Google Pay®

We accept Apple Pay® and Google Pay® for most bank cards online and in salon. Not all bank cards are supported by Apple Pay® or Google Pay® our payment processor. As new bank cards become supported we will accept them. Apple Pay® is available on Apple Mobile/Tablet Devices and through the Safari Browser at this time. Google Pay® is available on Google Mobile/Tablet Devices and through the Google Chrome Browser at this time. Both of these can be found as a payment option in the Payment Section at Checkout.

Additional FAQs

Additional FAQs

Q: Can I use Apple Cash or Google Cash to pay for my order?

A: We are unable to accept Apple Cash through Apple Pay® at this time. We are also unable to accept Google Cash through Google Pay® at this time.

Q: How can I tell if I used Apple Pay® or Google Pay®on a previous order?

A: Apple Pay® purchases can be found in your Apple Wallet. Google Pay® purchases can be found in your Google Wallet..

Q: How do I use rewards points or gift cards and Apple Pay® or Google Pay® on an order?

A: To use rewards points or gift cards on your order you must enter them in checkout. In the payment section you will still be able to select Apple Pay® or Google Pay®.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay® or Google Pay® if my order contains Pick Up in Salon or Home Delivery items?

A: Yes. Before selecting Apple Pay
® or Google Pay®, make sure you confirm whether you intend to Pick Up in Salon or have your items delivered.

Q: Will my loyalty points be added to my account if I use Apple Pay® or Google Pay®

A: Yes. Make sure you are placing your order with the same email you use for your Vagaro account for your loyalty account to ensure that points are correctly applied.

Q: Why do I have to enter my information and then select Apple Pay® or Google Pay®, if my Wallet contains my saved information?

A: We are working to offer express checkout via Apple Pay® or Google Pay® in order to allow you to use your saved Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, and Android Wallet information. Stay tuned.

More Information

More Information

More information about Apple Pay® can be found on Apple's Website.

More information about Google Pay® can be found on Google's Website.

Customer Service

Customer Service

You can track your order here or email us. If you still have questions, please call us at 919-263-0567

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